Bricktopia: Contemporary Crafts in EME3 Festival, Barcelona

“Bricktopia”, by the architects of the international collective Map13, is the winning project in the “Build-it” Eme3 International Architecture Festival, held on June 27-30 in Barcelona. The pavilion can be visited throughout the summer at the square of the former spinning mill Fabra i Coats in the Sant Andreu district.

This pavilion draws on the prototype built by Philippe Block, Matthias Rippman and Lara Davis at the ETH Zurich, with which they demonstrated the reliability of RhinoVault, a plug-in for Rhinoceros, used for the design of the constructed dome.

As this is an experimental project which makes this traditional system work at its limit, its implementation has required expanding the team, joined by Paula Lopez Barba and Josep Brazo Ramirez, and much effort from Eme3 festival that promotes and is defined by the support given to young people to carry out their project, the companies who contributed material and labor and the workers, volunteers and architecture students who built it.

Photography: Manuel de Lozar + Paula López Barba

100 Colors Exhibition by Emmanuelle Moureaux

’100 colors’ is the name of the exhibition realised by architect Emmanuelle Moureaux who explores the world of color and the its affects people. 100 colors refers to the amount of colors that have been use on suspended sheets of paper. Architect and designer Emmanuelle Moureaux moved permanently to Japan after having been on trip and after being fascinated by all the colors overflowing on the street.

A-Art House by Kazuyo Sejima

‘A-Art House’ has been designed as a part of the Inujima Art House Project in Inujima Island, Japan. It is a transparent, walkthrough pavilion with vibrant pink, red, and yellow floral motifs encompassing the exterior skin. Like a giant kaleidoscope, the art house displays bright colorful flowers on the on the glass facade as a colored overlay on the existing landscape.

Photography: Iwan Baan